The Peak District National Park 



An increased demand for drinking water in the early 20th century led Stockport Corporation Waterworks to acquire Goyt Valley for the building of two reservoirs. by 1930 the farms and houses were empty and demolished in order to provide an uncontaminated water catchment area.

Fernilee was completed in 1938. It cost about £480,000 to build and holds 4940 million litres. Errwood was completed in 1967. It cost £1.5 million and holds 4215 million litres. 

United Utilities now own much of the Valley and surrounding moorland, which is the water catchment area for the two reservoirs. These two reservoirs supply an average of 7-8 million gallons of water a day, some direct to Whaley Bridge and the rest to the Stockport region

Through the years Errwood has become very low because of droughts or high water demand. The reservoir is now fully filled and sailing/fishing/kayaking is able to take place


Drought in 1995